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Who are the Montana Sea Hawkers?

Board of Directors

Roger Peterson

Montana Sea Hawker Roger Peterson

I'm a native of Montana, born and raised in Missoula.

I grew up like many Montanans wondering which NFL team I should support since we have no team in the state. In the early 1980s my brother enrolled at the University of Washington. During a trip to visit him in Seattle I had the opportunity to watch a live Seahawks game. I have been at 12 ever since!!

I traveled from Montana to Seattle for a number of games in the 80s. After graduating from the University of Montana in 1990 I move to Vancouver, WA, and became a Seahawks season ticket holder.

I returned to Montana in 2009.

My wife was raised in the Seattle area and is also a Seahawks fan, just not as rabid as me.

I have always wondered why there was no Sea Hawkers chapter in Montana.

While watching the Seahawks v. Minnesota playoff game in January of 2016 I was inspired to begin the effort to launch a Montana chapter.

I always knew deep in my heart that there were a lot of Seahawks fans in Montana. But now our 12s family is officially organizing.

Our chapter welcomes all people with Montana Roots whether you live in the state or live elsewhere.

VP Eastern Montana:
Paul Knutson

I was born in Southern California and born into being an original L.A. Rams fan.  When the Rams moved out of L.A. I lost my team.  I was left heartbroken and team-less as a child.  I stopped watching the NFL altogether!  I moved to Oregon with my family and took up the NBA and the Portland Trailblazers became my local team.  After meeting my wonderful wife Carissa, a born and raised Seahawks fan living in Oregon, I watched Super Bowl XL in 2006 reenergizing my love of football and I became a fan of our only Pacific Northwest NFL team the Seattle Seahawks!  My wife and I have attended a handful of games in Seattle at the CLink joining 68,000 other fans in a soul shaking thunderous act of noise to show our love and appreciation to our guys on the field.  I love game days in Seattle, from brunch at the Space Needle to the energy of making our way downtown.  The closer you get to the CLink the more blue and green you see.  The Hawk-Island drinks and street vender hot dogs are part of the tradition!  Hearing the Blue Thunder beating their drums as you enter the stadium...it is a one of a kind experience that I believe you can only find in Seattle.  I admire the way the Seahawks are run in general.  From drafting to coaching, Pete Carroll and his approach to individualized coaching, doing what it takes for each man on the team to reach his highest potential is unlike any I've seen.  I believe coach Carroll does whatever it takes to make it happen.  Seeing it all first hand, on the field in front of your own two eyes is just...Epic.  I am a Seattle Seahawks fan for life.  I have found my place in the NFL once again and this time it's for life.


VP Western Montana:
Larry Peltier

Montana Sea Hawker Larry Peltier
Larry is a Montana native born in Kalispell, Montana October 1959. He has resided in Northwestern Montana for most of his life. His loves in life are the outdoors, working and playing. He enjoys hunting, hiking, golf, kayaking and riding motorcycle. He has working in the timber industry either in the woods or as a Millwright in the sawmills and of course watching and cheering on the Seattle Seahawks... Go Hawks!

Catherine "Kate" Borstad


Brief Personal Background/Born/From:
Born in Illinois my family moved to the SF Bay Area when I was in 5th grade. I became a fan of the 49ers
and will always have high regard for Bill Walsh and the team he built. Joe Montana was a personal
favorite of mine! Of course I still had a fondness for the Chicago Bears. I married a man with family in
Minnesota so we also cheered on the Vikings. With other family living in Green Bay, we were part-time
Cheese Heads. Widowed now, I still follow some other teams but the Seahawks are my Home team. I
moved to Missoula from the Seattle area in the fall of 2016 to be closer to my daughter and
granddaughter also avid Hawk fans! I’ve been the head of a non-profit organization, a grant writer and
business management consultant. Retired now, I volunteer for non-profits in Missoula.

How long have you been a 12?
I lost interest in the 49ers after moving to Seattle. The Seahawks hit my radar in 1997 when my daughter
became a fan. I’ve watched the evolution of this team and I believe they have a unique culture and
committed players who rise to the challenge to be the best they can be on and off the field. More Super
Bowl wins are in their future. Coach Pete Carroll and I were high school classmates. He has the same
sterling character now as he did then. Several of our former classmates still follow him to every game--
except when we play the 49ers!

Favorite Seahawk Player (s):
Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson tie for the top spot. Marshawn Lynch will always be a favorite even
though he’s gone back to his home neighborhood to join the Oakland Raiders. It’s very tough to single
out any players because it’s all about how these guys work well as a TEAM!

Favorite Seahawks Memory:
Hands down it’s The Tip! Richard Sherman, in the final 22 seconds of the game, tipping a potentially
game-winning pass intended for Harbaugh’s 49ers. This 2013 Golden Moment lead to the NFC
Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl! I never get tired of watching that play.

Annette Fossett

Annette Fossett Montana Sea Hawkers

Born and raised in the Seahawks area. Moved to Montana 1 year ago and always a Seahawks fan from day one. GO HAWKS!!!!!

Sea Hawkers Central Council Rep:
D BeckerD Becker Montana Sea Hawker

Born in Tacoma, Washington; now retired, but worked as a forester for the Forest Service and Washington State Department of Natural Resources; still work wildfires during the summer on an “as needed” basis; live in western Washington, but travel a lot (even when not on fires); have attended Super Bowls XLVIII and XLIX with Montana Sea Hawkers Pres. Roger Peterson (ask to see his photos!)

She has been a 12 from the beginning – before we were known as the 12s. Attended the first Draft Day in 1976, which was sponsored by a Seattle radio station and held at a restaurant in the Renton area. When the Seahawks first draft choice was announced, many attendees were upset that it wasn’t one of the “name” quarterbacks available that year; since I had not seen our top draft pick play I did not want to pass judgment on him. My comments were later used in a couple of sports talk shows.

Membership Western Montana:
Brenda Rosler-Hanson
Brenda Photo Montana Seahawker

Brenda has been a Seahawks fan from the beginning. She was born and raised in Flathead Valley of Western Montana. She prides herself in the three generations of Hawks fans that comprise her family.

Membership Eastern Montana:
Tricia OldElk

Communications Co-Chairman:
Jared Perkins

Montana Sea Hawker Jared Perkins
Jared is a North Dakota transplant to Montana where there are many more Seahawks fans, so he made his way to Missoula in 2011. He graduated from Minot State University, as well as was a Combat Engineer in the Army for nine years. He currently owns and operates Outbound Digital, a web design, and marketing company based out of Missoula. He designed this website and you can check out his other work at www.outbounddigital.com.

At-Large Board Member:
Sam Perkins
Sam Perkins Montana Sea Hawker

Brief Personal Background/Born/From: I was born in Montana and raised in Las Vegas. When it comes to football these two regions couldn’t be any more different.   It seemed like I was surrounded by nothing other than Raider fans and Niner fans. Now I’ve been back in Montana since 1992 and I have never looked back. There is no comparison between big sky country and the empty desert of Vegas. The mountains, lakes, and rivers of this state are where I call home, and I don’t plan on leaving again.

How long have you been a 12? I have been a Seahawk fan since the infuriating Super Bowl loss against Steelers back in early 2006. I couldn’t help feeling upset and wanting to support this team that played their hearts out that game only to have it all end that way. I could feel that this team was special even back then. That game did not define them, and the best was yet to come.

Favorite Seahawk Player (s): My favorite Seahawk will always be Russell Wilson. Coming into the NFL and having everyone tell him he was to short and wasn’t a pocket passer. He proved them all wrong. His first year he snatched that starting QB position and the race was off. Seahawks were a force to reckoned with.

Favorite Seahawks memory: My favorite memory is hard to say…. I will always love Marshawn Lynch going Beastmode against the Saints in the wildcard game in 2011. Our Super Bowl game against the Broncos where the Broncos just looked helpless against the Hawks. Or Doug Baldwin’s many connections from Russell Wilson. The list goes on and on….. Too many to count and no way to pick just one!

At-Large Board Member:
Sandy Cummins